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Double Dug Method

We are the founders of the “Double Dug Trees” organization which believes in providing specimen trees with a quality root system. It goes beyond having roots outside of the poly liner. It involves increasing the feeder roots by a minimum of ten times more. Our method allows trees to withstand high levels of stress and uses less water. This thorough process eliminates digging risk.

  • A minimum of 10 times more feeder roots
  • Uses a minimum of 30% less water than a single dug tree
  • Healthier trees with dense foliage
  • Stress-Tolerant
  • Easier to maintain tree on jobsite
  • Eliminates digging risk


The “Double Dug” program is specialized root pruning technique that is proven and incomparable with anything else. This is made apparent when a 3″ live oak in the double dug program has 100% of the roots cut. This allows the tap roots to aggressively expand. When the trees are approximately 6″ caliper and above, the trees will handle the stress of digging with minimal recovery time. Since the tree has approximately ten times more feeder roots it allows the installer to provide a more vibrant tree that has been prepared properly. This technique will expedite advanced growth patterns while enhancing the sustainability of the tree and eliminate disproportionality of tree canopy. One of the most significant improvements of the “Double Dug” process allows us to use approximately 30% less water. “Double Digging” is the obvious choice for maximizing and enhancing your landscape projects.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the double dug tree program. My first test was by accident, the irrigation time clock was shut off on one of our job sites. When I made a visit to the site five days later, the turf was brown, shrubs were dehydrated and the crape myrtles lost more of their blooms. Within those five days of the irrigation being off, I was extremely hesitant to see what the specimen double dug magnolia would look like. To my surprise, the magnolia looked like it had barely missed a beat. I immediately called Adam and encouraged him to continue this program.”

- Bobby S. Keller

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